The Ideal Groom

I just had a very healthy conversation with someone, perhaps one of the very people I adore presently (Presently because I fight a lot :: who doesn’t agrees with me so it’s possible I can have a big fight with her tomorrow). 😉 Just saying, anyway.

As always the conversation started by the north and ended by the south via east and west, bottom line total impromptu act and nearly a mess. 😛 (so the title will make sense to only two people)

Summary of the story :: I was pointed out that “” I can never be wrong”” and whatever I say is the ultimatum, not the first time I am accused of this and its bang on. I can never be wrong. Should I ? Or Should You if in my position ?

You should be bold via your thoughts, and put each and everything on the table. Obviously respecting the thoughts of other not undermining anyone, but you should have a self belief to be right. (Yes it should be backed with a good logic, sometimes maybe not :: it depends on the topic).

Every time you state an opinion you have the probability either to be right or be wrong, so why leave it to the other person’s perspective/thought. Why let anyone overpower you :: this all should  happen in a healthy environment its a must. If you are wrong than you are time will teach you and time is the best teacher of the all :: this I am sure of as mind is smart enough to understand that. For example you have a business idea and you have other people opinions use them to enhance the idea :: but not drop it. If it has to doom it will, never give up the probability to be right : if you are wrong you will learn (time will teach you) you will be up with a greater idea. This applies to even the smallest of events in life, maybe a relative telling you MBA is best for you :: you will get a job blah blah. But all you want is to be custom car designer or anything don’t let anyone hold you etc, etc.

In in your life its said you only need to be right just once 🙂 so why risk it, let time decide it.

Take risks, believe in yourself and yes you are never wrong. “” There is nothing wrong to be always right. “”



Once there was a bet between Wind and Sun, to get the coat off a mountain traveller. The wind tried its best to blow off the coat, but in return the traveller just tightened his warm coat to keep the cold breeze away. On the sun’s turn he showered all he had i.e. his sunshine to make the traveller sweat it out and eventually take the coat off.

So the moral of the story :  Force fails in the situation but love and persuasion succeeds.

Hence no force is strong enough to stop you if you have the determination and the love for your work, routine, life or nevertheless anything you care for.


I have always believed being positive is half the battle won, anybody can achieve anything yes it can take time, training, experience and the will power.

In my case mother acted as the will power, relationships as the experience, failures as the training and time was the constant as it never waited nor should it. On each and every day I have one question in mind why I am attaining certain things which most don’t have : so the bottom line I am happy most of the time. So I don’t believe in the saying good times make you stop appreciating, to be true it does but time puts you in the right place if you want to.

From a year or so I realized that I have been being going down the wrong road attaining a negative attitude for some aspects and when you are doing something wrong the eternity teaches you but you ignore it. I can’t sleep some times as I think why this part of the day is repeating itself that’s the soul working and giving an indication (positive/negative) to improve upon. Like for an example : I met a taxi driver to be exact while we were on a recent trip, his thoughts creeped me and I kept on hovering around it : He was talking about having an affair and typical hyped stories like a stoned teenager, now its obvious he was like a nuclear waste on drugs :: to be exact a emitting negative vibes all around. The other day I was watching a pop-star making fun of somebody and hating that. Today I saw The Dalai Lama talking to the people on the Orlando shooting which happened recently and stating to have a positive approach even to the negative vibes/experience.

Still I don’t have a clue why I am thinking about all this or even encountering it, at last by the evening I was listening to some music and it all made sense that you also have been a negative lad on some levels. Maybe it was anger for some in the past or just my ego, I am too strict with people at times which disturbs me at the core.

If I dislike a trait in the other fellow, how can I attain that at any level. So I will try to not even if I have low times. Compassion/Love is the key which keeps us all afloat and we should never forget that. Instead of avoiding someone, limit your interaction don’t let the other person be affected by it and many such things like that.

Some experiences make you tough and help you find the right path at last but its your duty to make sure you are not having the special  spark/extra-confidence which you don’t need also know as Ego or the rudeness which comes with this spark.

“” If something makes you uncomfortable just not try to do the same with someone else as you can surely avoid the later one which you wished the first time. 🙂 “”

SEO – Search Engine Optimization


As recently working for a project, SEO had to be done for a client so I figured out its worth sharing over :

So as per various studies 80% of a website’s traffic begins with a search query thus search engine optimization (SEO) is so important. Here are the key points to follow :

1. Approach keywords strategically – Post regular unique content with various keywords which will result in specific match with search query results.

2. Strictly adhere to an originality rule – It refers to duplicate content or the same text existing at two different URLs – don’t copy articles from other wesbites.

3. Strategically adjust your site’s navigation and internal links – Try more often a page is linked to within your website, the more PageRank flow it has and the higher it will rank in search-engine results pages for relevant queries. Use the output to identify pages that aren’t important or that have little content on them (such as contact pages) that receive a high volume of inbound links. Next, use special noindex code in these pages to tell search engines to not index these pages and add nofollow code for all links to them, in order to preserve PageRank flow.

5. Optimize your site’s load speed

6. Optimize on-site elements across your site – Title tags, meta descriptions and on-page elements that factor into the ranking algorithm include H1 tags, content length, internal and external links, ads, bullet points, images and text formatting.

7. Images/Video optimization – Images/Video snippets capture more search real estate than any other type of rich snippet – they generally require creating a video XML sitemap.

8. Smartphone SEO – if not optimized it results in lower google page ranks.

Errors could include:

  • Redirecting visitors to the wrong mobile URL

  • Embedding a video that doesn’t play on a particular phone (Flash video on an iPhone, for example)

  • Pop-ups that aren’t easily closed on mobile

  • Buttons or fonts that are too small on a mobile device

9. Social annotations with Google+ – When you share content on Facebook and Twitter, your network basically sees it only when they are looking at Facebook and Twitter. On the other hand, when you share content on Google+, your network can see it every time they search Google.

10. Don’t be obsessed with PageRank. It is just one isty bitsy part of the ranking algorithm. A site with lower PR can actually outrank one with a higher PR.

11. Optimize the text in your RSS feed just like you should with your posts and web pages. Use descriptive, keyword rich text in your title and description.

12. Backlinks : Links (especially deep links) from a high PageRank site are golden. High PR indicates high trust, so the back links will carry more weight but just don’t build backlinks just to only to your homepage.

13. Use of the words “image” or “picture” in your photo ALT descriptions and captions. A lot of searches are for a keyword plus one of those words.

14. Use a sitemap.

15.Site size as less as possible

16. Social media SEO.


Generally the entire site from a small snippet (lines of code) to the overall design and database structure SEO practices have to be done strategically : to get the desired results.

Basic do’s and dont’s ::

Keywords :

  1. Keywords in <title> tag – This is one of the most important places to have a keyword because what is written inside the <title> tag shows in search results as your page title. The title tag must be short (6 or 7 words at most) and the the keyword must be near the beginning.

  1. Keywords in URL- Keywords in URLs help a lot – e.g. –, where “SEO services” is the keyword phrase you attempt to rank well for. But if you don’t have the keywords in other parts of the document, don’t rely on having them in the URL.

  1. Keyword density in document text- Keyword density of over 10% is suspicious and looks more like keyword stuffing, than a naturally written text.

  1. Keywords in anchor text : Also very important, especially for the anchor text of inbound links, because if you have the keyword in the anchor text in a link from another site, this is regarded as getting a vote from this site not only about your site in general, but about the keyword in particular.

Links – internal, inbound, outbound :

  1. Anchor text of inbound links

  1.  Origin of inbound links and Links from similar sites

  1. Links from .edu and .gov sites

  1. Number of backlink : Generally the more, the better.

  1. Around-the-anchor text: The text that is immediately before and after the anchor text also matters because it further indicates the relevance of the link – i.e. if the link is artificial or it naturally flows in the text.

  2. Number of outgoing links on the page that links to you the fewer, the better for you because this way your link looks more important.

  3. Use of Hyphens in URLs/domain names are considered to be good.




Hatred is a strong notion, often leading to a wrong road to. But its quite important too, as ” Haters always make you Greater ” the realization  always creeps on you later on.

On a random training day during my graduation, we were chilling as always in our training hall. Yes to admit at once our fault: we were not studying which we were meant to and instead fooling around, the department head of a different department walked in and lashed out us which in a way we deserved but maybe surely of a different kind. The exact words of his were : “” This is how you undergo your training, if you were my students this would never happen. There is a clear difference between you and my students (He was probably talking about the class, and he was right there was a difference for sure in a good way), you people will never succeed. Study hard and sit for the placements under my DEPARTMENT. “” Maybe there were some just harsh words to teach us a lesson, but I strongly differ. This leaded towards hatred for few minutes, but I realized hatred towards hatred will lead to nothing. I knew that there must be a trigger which lead to the real side (as normally rage does) such harsh words hatred to be the correct word. I quickly realized my fellow friend was the trigger as he uttered earlier ” I am a pass-out, I would like to be an entrepreneur : there is nothing wrong with the placement concept but its not meant for me.”

And it was a pattern with some people in our college (as its than when the competition creeps in between students and even teachers which is no good for anyone) and mostly with the society, who are always against with the unconventional option. But its cool, as no one is a perfect mould in this fucking world so just avoid and remember not to let there words be true or just be yourself. There are a ton of examples which lead a person to make that jump, from a known to unconventional world. Maybe because of proving a point sometimes, maybe they just know they are not meant to follow the herd. Its totally cool to live in a known world we all do in a generic way, but some just pick a another road in respect to love, occupation etc.

If you don’t like someone, just try the term avoidance (give some space to them and yourself : hence the title SPACEBAR) instead of hatred. If you cant love them enough don’t give them a reason to hate you or vice versa. And never be offended by the hatred, its just a harsh way via the almighty who wants you to perform better. Now many idiots will ask why god is acting in a harsh way to us, because you are a rebel and pain in the ass for everyone trying to carve a new niche : so DEAL WITH IT.



Happiness : The meaning of this particular term for me is to be surrounded with people, thoughts and scenarios which keeps me at peace. Which doesn’t effects my vibe, if something does than I do make sure to keep a distance with that entity. Sometimes it may come across as a rude practice to follow, but it is what it is.

Happiness for me is a bit overrated term, I think “Peace” is the term to go with. Maybe for some happiness equals to peace but for me happiness is just a scenario where can I attain peace. Sometimes I am not happy and a bit lost/alone in my thoughts but still at my peace: so its unfair to say that you have to be a happy person all the time. Its clearly not possible unless you draw a big smiley on your face and pretend to be a joker. So long story short : I always like to believe in the term : “To be at PEACE” rather than “To be happy” as in my experience sometimes you are happy but not at that peace state. Just a THOUGHT it can vary to each individual.

“Being at peace brings me happiness not the other way around.”

Music often plays a important part in my life it helps me to achieve a zen state, first I assumed that it’s the music which helps me achieve the zen state. But now I am sure that music just acts as a catalyst (as I no longer need this catalyst to analyse myslef : as I am at peace most of the time these days and if I am not I always have the music to rely upon) and cuts off the outer world which enables me to analyse everything. Some do suggest me to not to be too critical at times, maybe they are right as I am but it has helped me to achieve a bit in the journey and I will surely like to be on the same road.

PEACE for me (in a practical way) sums up to few key points breathing, emotions, self being. Breathing : Have a control on your breathing, now why to do that ? To have a control on your emotions, to analyse what’s happening around and how to carry yourself. All this for what ? Not for any heaven or next life crap, just to be in more control.

THE PEACE ROUTINE : I am sure it was a beginner one (as I no longer practice this unless I need this to turn a really bad day upside down), and I am sure there is no set way to practice it. Normally I tried to devote few minutes 30-45 (because its too easy too get bored with this as we do with every good practice in this world) goal was and is to stretch this into few hours. I usually turned my music on can be sufi, hip-hop and maybe soundtracks at times whatever keeps you engaged, because for a start you need the music to cut off all those sounds in the background (outer world) so if you like a certain track it will be help. Than slowly try to shift your attention from the music (maybe it come with time or your attitude towards life) to your inner-self until you can feel your heart pounding every second. Than try to ask questions which are creating a ripple effect in your life, you will surely get a answer if you have the ears for it.

Now this is sounding very imaginary and may be cocky also but when it happened (the phase where I realized its helping me) and yes obviously it happened naturally as I had a terrible end to a relationship and was completely shattered. But I always knew I have to achieve something on my own, as I am surely destined to live my life on my own (this really comes naturally but I always had that confidence). To be exact at a point in my life I loved someone maybe more than my very existence, without any expectations yes surely on some promises but when it goes against you (always for your own good) you learn by a infinite rate that sometimes it even takes even years to absorb all the lessons.

” People change and its totally normal, try to accept that. Instead of running away from it because this is the very race which you can never win. “

The long walk…

I love “music”. PERIOD

It has played a important role in my college years(Diploma/Degree), in respect to school days I never listened to my inner voice as I didn’t knew “Who I AM”. Until my fifth standard I topped every damn class I am sure its nothing spectacular as academics is easy on you in the primary school and plus I was bullied by everyone in my class. A very lean guy who was beaten by everyone as I was stubborn to back down or agree to their bullying so I told my parents about that. On the next day my mother broke hell on those guys but happiness was short-lived in a day or two I was beaten down for being a mamma’s boy. So I realized this is not going to work so I had the beating every-day. Now a year or two passes and I am in the secondary school (GNPS, Sarabha Nagar Branch) having my lunch in mid-break and the same fat ass walked down to throw some punches but that day I stood up to him, got four punches and maybe hit three(two actually just showing off :P) back at him also so the BOTTOM LINE got beaten again. But I leaned a lesson to stand up for myself, and that was the last day they took me easily. This action had some drawbacks also : yes the same story the boy joins a bad ass group they protect him and he does the same : a road from second bench to the last bench : not listening to the teachers : gaining weight muscle : from topping the class to be in the top 5 (due to my strict parents, thank god) : not sitting in the group of girls (I liked that) in contrast sitting with a stupid gang as there were many and as politics to save your beloved bottom (beloved bottom is code word, I am sure you are getting it) you have to shift gangs/parties to be on the top.

And till 9th standard my vice principal (Mr. Lamba) he always relied on his two small hands maybe it has something to with our stupid behaviour and it was necessary also because to train a donkey to walk in a straight line you need a stick as marker but he left out a part which someone else played really well. Coming back to 9th standard a special “D” section was made for all the donkey’s who were out of the school administrations hand  and the selection to this elite section was due on the basis of two terms academics and behaviour as they wanted us to perform better in the pre-final board exams and the board it 10th. But still we failed them 😛 but in the way I had a special connection with my Geography teacher, she saw something in me I still don’t know what it was or maybe she did that with everyone but as always I made myself felt special (that she is giving extra attention but on the serious note really she went a extra mile). She stayed in the mid-breaks missed her lunch made sure that the stupid gang is away and all my focus is in my studies : there is too much to tell but I will not show all my cards : in short I topped the mid exams in that elite D section and it was easy just 83% : the highest score of the whole school was around 98 figure mark : anyways she showed me the way and left on a random day : after that she never stayed back in mid-breaks but she taught me what to do so I stayed away from the stupid gang and focused on learning no ratta shit : “cramming” and Mr Lamba tried it with hands so a lesson for all the teachers including me BLUNT attitude but with “affection” is the way to get something out of a student the stick will only lead to the Donkey situation nothing else. She did some other angel like deeds also but that I don’t wanna share and on the lighter note I made new friends also:: yes yes “ONLY Girls” as I had enough of boys (as friends I mean).

After my board exams I told my parents that I will leave the school and do something whole heartedly because I made enemies with various stupid guys and was afraid that I will go back to that life where I don’t belong : now the cool part that I tell my parents is :: see how mature I was that I had everything planned  that to do the diploma and eventually graduation, and my mother is like awwwwwwww 😛 but the truth is I was too scared to beat some of them and get beaten by them and maybe end in jail or other shit as told in my previous blog post. (so don’t be afraid to be scared it really helps)

One key point to mention I had 3 souls of the same “angel” category in my Diploma time also and 1 in my Graduation times. I am always grateful to them but I will not mention names. (as I don’t wanna soar their ego :P, and all credit goes to me : again making myself the most important character of the story : because I am as IT IS my freaking story.)

Enough for today so signing off, and yes the opening statement about music was about something else but as always I started writing one damn thing but it ended into a different one….


“”  The day I started my long walk,

The road seemed to be never ending and so was the ego.

Everyday which passes make be believe that I still have miles to walk on,

and enough fuel (ego) to burn off. “”

Raw Data

“Knowledge” maybe this is the most important term we all need to focus on, sometimes I feel too poor that I know too less and still I am lucky enough to exist. Yes I speak less and its not because of any pity reason, its the way I like to exist. People generally say there is a heaven or hell beyond this maybe there is, but I do have some second thoughts to it. As per me this is the heaven as how can even one think of a more better world than this, and its our perspective or behaviour which turns/swings this into heaven or hell.

Knowledge is the key/answer to all problems whether it is academics, religion or any rocket science. If a individual is better than someone always he has a higher hold in knowledge. Knowledge can vary from a skill set, some practical info, maybe some theoretic info or even how to live and proceed this life.

So if now as we have come to the conclusion that Knowledge is what matters most, so even we can say God(state) = Highest form of Knowledge. Yes to achieve that stage we have to gain or attain the highest level of ourselves. I dare say there is no God in a physical state, maybe he has a form of any nature (a human being etc). But to me the very assistance of god is Knowledge, we all can have different views on this and its cool we should have our unique way to proceed/exist.

Implementation is a another attribute of the term Knowledge. Implementing is a different skill set, you can attain tons of knowledge but it accumulates to nothing if we are unable to process/implement it. Knowledge before processing is like raw data but we all seek for processed information. And this make me believe I am too poor having assets including raw data only.

But I love life really every moment of it, maybe at this point I love myself the most and that should escalate to love everyone around me and to the point of thinking of them instead of myself. But I believe to expand my state/skill levels, firstly I need to know myself to the fullest and I am sure on the way I will learn to know others also.

Now this one theory I am also not too sure of but I strongly believe that as per each life term we evolve. For example : Why does a child becomes a singer at the age of 5, people say its a child prodigy that he started at a very young age ya ok 😛 so one word for you “REALLY” how can ‘GOD’ will gift someone one thing(talent) and nothing to the other person(I hope there is no partiality going on :D). So again as always I have second thoughts to everything, I believe that our skill set is carried forward even in different life cycles. So its IMPORTANT to learn more, be good that is reflects on every journey(lifetime) of yours.

Sometimes I have so much to write and bring that each thought out but it can’t be done in a day. And my happiness and satisfaction lies in writing, learning and analysing human nature. I hope you are bored to the core at this point thus I will be easy on you so signing off for TODAY…..

Random 101

Over the years I have changed a lot as everyone does and yes its for the both, the good and the bad. Focus is on being more practical and making sound decisions, but in the end I am nowhere near where I should be. I isolate myself for any bad vibes out there sometimes its within me or  a outer influence.

Yes I am surely in more control over myself but sometimes I over analyse things (the bad part) and than  I have to remind myself  “A life worth living : is always in small things so don’t dig deep.”

  • If you can’t do good or help someone, at-least live your life with the principle : on the way you will surely help many.
  • Revenge and jealousy is like drinking poison and expecting the other person to die.
  • People change its normal accept that, if you cant see your progression as you have also changed. It hurts but it teaches you also so welcome that.

SOME PERSONAL FLASHBACK ::  From my school days I was always underestimated that I will never pass the 6th standard, later on 7th standard and so on. To be true it was my fault as how I behaved like that and was a sincere pain in the ass to my teachers and parents(especially dad :P)  : but was never bad in academics. Still pinned down that I can’t do anything (maybe it was the motivation I needed) and I loved being a nutjob (for my teachers) so to cover that I always got good marks. Till my ninth standard I read books just to attain a good percentage, but after some incidents and realizing that being a nutjob will lead me either to a jail or to drug type shit. So at a early stage I realized learning is the only way out to make sure that nobody points a finger towards my mother and dare to say her that I am no good. It changed my life upside down I loved teachers I realized there worth and was blessed with some great souls over the years.

You will be successful or not leave that to your destiny/god/hardwork/luck (you can choose as per your personality), just put your best foot forward. And don’t do all this NOT to BEAT anyone as you cant pretend to pull someone down from the ladder and at the same time try to climb it : just build your own ladder and try to climb it in your own unique way. There will always will be good or bad around you as it has been in the past also, so don’t worry just train your eye to see surpass it. PERSPECTIVE/ ATTITUDE is the key, a person can have a talent but he needs the ATTITUDE to carry it forward.

Learn from EXPERIENCES, examples can be failures or success stories. Try to see why a person is angry, happy, jealous etc : maybe it can teach you what to proceed and what to not. (It will surely teach you.) And read a lot, listen a lot because the word “A LOT” will tell you what to read and what to not.

Now its time for a sound sleep, signing off…..